Gifts for him - Bad Mother Fucker Wallet


Bad Mother Fucker Wallet


It has been 20 years since Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece graced the cinematic world. If you can't quote a line from it you were either too young then or too lame now. Odds are your 30 something friend can not only quote a single line but just about every word in the movie. It is also a good chance that one of his favorite lines includes the words "Bad Mother Fucker". That's right; the Bad Mother Fucker Wallet is an exact replica of the one Samuel L. Jackson carries in the infamous diner scene. Made of 100% genuine leather it is the quality that a man in his 30's needs to have. With the words "Bad Mother Fucker" expertly stitched in the face, it garners the kind of attention at the checkout line a single man desires.


Gifts for him - Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat


Glow In the Dark Toilet Seat


A single man doesn't have to worry if he leaves the toilet seat down or not. He does, more than likely, have a lot of random people who use his bathroom on the weekends. Your single friend loves to impress and he is probably attracted to people who are attracted to shiny things. Why not give him the most talked about item he won't have to introduce. The Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat is just like any other toilet seat when the lights are on, but when the lights are out it glows in a warm neon hue. Do your friend a favor by providing an easy conversation starter each time his lovely guests need to powder their noses.


Gifts for him - Fresh Socks


Fresh Socks


Grown men wear socks every day. The man in the gray flannel suit wore socks every day. If you don't know the previous reference or even if you do then you owe it to your single 30 something friend to give him socks that will break the mold and show off his personality. Socks are the only gift you don't have to worry about because one size fits all. Fresh Socks are perfect because there is a style that fits every personality. Whether your friend is the Al Pacino type or the Bob Marley type, these socks are guaranteed to impress more than the six pack of white socks he gets from his mom every year.


Gifts for him - Portable Beer Pong Table


Tailgating beer pong table


In his 20's your friend probably had a beer pong table. It was large, made of ply-wood, and soaked in beer. It was set up for every party he and his roommates would throw, and probably hung around longer than it should. Your friend is not 20 something any longer, he is 30 something, and he has matured well beyond the old cheap wood, alcohol stained beer pong table of his past. The Tailgating Beer Pong Table is light-weight and portable so it can be stored away when not used, and carried anywhere the party is. It is also made of durable aluminum so it's easy to clean away the evidence of a successful tailgate party.


Gifts for him - Sex Panther Cologne


Sex Panther Cologne


If you want your single 30 something friend to find that someone special then you need to help him smell good, Ron Burgundy good. What is more amazing then the musky pheromone releasing scent that comes out of this bottle is the fierce hormone enducing sound that is released from the box. That's right; each Sex Panther Cologne comes with a "growl box" that reminds your 30 something that he is the alpha male who belongs in the wild.