EDM, also known as electic dance music ( but no one calls it that so don't be lame ), is here to stay. The style, the music, and the culture have infiltrated every corner of youth culture. The trend is easy to spot because it is all about bright neon colors and over the top styles. Below is a guide for the mom or dad that has an EDM daughter. How do you know if your daughter is an EDM daughter? If you can answer one or more of the questions below with YES, then proceed to the 5 gifts for the daughter that loves EDM list.

  • Is your daughter between the ages of 13 and 30?
  • Does your daughter like music?
  • Does your daughter have any friends?

If you answered yes to any of the pevious questions then you may proceed.


Neon Fanny Packs avialble at Frattoys.com


1. The Neon Fanny Pack


The fanny pack is a long gone forgotten remnant from the 80's. The very sight of someone wearing a fanny pack incites unstoppable laughter, right? No, not to your EDM daughter. The fanny pack is the most functional accessory your EDM child can own. The millennials are just as lazy and resourceful as we give them credit for. The old moto "work smarter not harder" makes up the fabric of each fanny pack. Cell phone, make up, id; check. Hands free for selfies, love pumps, and calls from their way cool moms; check.


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2. Bob Marley Fresh Socks


Reggae still has the same effect in this era as it did in yours. No one has forgotten about Bob Marley. There is one thing that you have to understand right now, and that is your daughter is just like you. That means that "No Woman, No Cry" is still one of the greatest songs ever created.


Pink Party Trucker hat avialable at Frattoys.com


3. Party Trucker Hat


A neon hat with big bold letters that says "party" is a great way to let people know what your intentions are. It is a conversation starter for sure and it has the added value of keeping the sun off your daughter's head while she is at her favorite music festival.


Flip up wayfarer sunglasses avialable at Frattoys.com


4. Flip Up Wayfarer Sunglasses


These sunglasses combine the classic wayfarer look with bright neon colors and that way cool flip up feature from the 80's. Combine a pair of these with the Party Trucker Hat and your daughter has the perfect festival outfit.


Pink Lady Stun Gun available at Frattoys.com


5. Pink Lady Stun Rod


This one is for your peace of mind. You worry about her and what she is doing. After all it is not your kid you have to worry about it is everyone else's kids. Give her a Pink Lady Stun Gun Rod to stash in her fanny pack and at least you know if some creep does get fresh she will be able to do something about it. And it is pink.