The early 2000s was the time when sexy Halloween costumes entered the market. Before then there was not a lot of Halloween costumes that one can purchase in stores. As more and more sexy costumes entered the market more were bought.

Today one can get easy access to them, via online shopping. In this post we will talk about 5 Terrible Sexy Halloween Costumes and give them a terrible rating. (The rating scale of Terrible scale is 1 to 5. 1 being “a terrible costume but still feasible to wear” , to 5, being “embarrassingly terrible and never an option to wear”.)


Terrible corn on the cob sexy halloween costume

Halloween is Next Friday!! For some of you ladies out there that have not purchased a costume yet, what are you waiting for!!? Maybe it is because you have no idea what you are going to wear. A good idea is to start from what you don’t want to wear. If you do happen to have a costume ideas, here are some costumes to avoid.

Corn on the Cob

Terrible Rating: 3

Costume Idea: When I think of corn on a cob I think about dental floss. Because corn on a cob can be messy, so is the idea of corn on a cob as a costume. There is no scenario where Corn on a Cob is sexy.


Costume Design: The design is not far off from the costume idea. There is only so much you can do to make a costume look like corn on a cob.


Terrible Oscar the Grouch sexy halloween costume


Oscar the Grouch

Terrible Rating: 4.5

Costume Idea: If my memory serves me correct, on Sesame Street Oscar the grouch was a grumpy character living out of a garbage can. Nothing sexy about a grumpy character living out of a garbage can.


Costume Design: Speaking of Garbage, thats how to describe the design of this costume. Instead of paying $26.98 for this. You might as well just wear silver spandex booty shorts, with a greentop, and oscar the grouch hat.


Terrible Lobster Girl sexy halloween costume


Lobster Girl

Terrible Rating: 2

Costume Idea: I don’t know what is exciting about being a lobster for halloween, maybe you are a seafood fanatic or even love Red Lobster, so much that you want to be it. Only a really attractive girl can pull off this concept, especially if they use their pincers the right way.


Costume Design:This costume matches up with the the concept of a lobster, however there is still enough room to spice things up.


Terrible Barney Girl sexy halloween costume


Barney Girl

Terrible Rating: 2

Costume Idea: Being Barney is not necessarily the most popular option for halloween. It is something to think about wearing as a joke. Like the lobster costume an attractive girl can pull off a barney costume.


Costume Design:As close as one can get to matching the concept of Barney in a costume. The Barney hat look like it is eating the girl’s head.


Terrible Nun sexy halloween costume


The Nun

Terrible Rating: 3.5

Costume Idea: The idea of certain Halloween costumes is to stretch the imagination of an already existing concept. A nun is thought to be very pure. And people that are somewhat religious might be uneasy with the concept of a sexy nun.


Costume Design:Looks like something Kim Kardashian would wear. A nun as a sexy costume is a stretch, especially if the costume looks nothing like a nun. The only part of the costume that looks like a nun is the clerical collar and the head piece. Because the costume does not look like a Nun, its not tastefully sexy.


The best costumes bring out the best in existing concepts and improve them by adding more imagination to them. These costumes failed to do that. Some ideas for costumes were not going to work no matter what the costumes looked like. But in other cases the costumes were just poorly design.

Hope this was able to give a little bit of guidance and inspiration of what to wear and what not to wear for halloween. Once you pick out what to wear, you are one step closer to having a great Halloween!!