You’ve seen your grandfather carry it. You still watch your father rely on it. And now it’s you who is growing fond of it.

I’m talking about the humble wallet – the important accessory that allows people to store some of their most important things like money, credit cards, debits cards, identification cards, pictures, receipts, and so on.

Wallets are among the most commonly used everyday accessories. But they are no longer meant only for men; women have started carrying them as well. This is because a wallet is not just a utility accessory. It has the potential to make a style statement too, though that would depend on the type of wallet you own. It is, therefore, important to pick one sensibly.

It makes sense to invest in a leather wallet. If you think that leather wallets are boring, then we suggest you think again! A collection of Pulp Fiction-inspired bad mother fucker wallets might just change your mind and make you want to get your hands on a few cool leather wallets that impart a classic yet edgy look to you.

Don’t be surprised if you find these wallets as iconic as the movie and its characters. If you loved them and just have to have stuff that makes you feel like Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega, then you have to get yourself one of these wallets.

Need more reasons to go for a leather wallet? Here are just six of them.

1. A Classic Look

We all know that leather never goes out of style. It is timeless and fashionistas all over the world love it. Just like a leather jacket or a pair of leather trousers are irreplaceable and inimitable, so is a leather wallet. It lends a touch of sophistication and power, and is perceived as a mark of a person who is stable and reliable and values both these qualities. Owning a leather wallet is like owning a piece of an ageless fashion accessory that will only get you compliments.

2. The Feel-Good Factor

Owning something high-end, luxurious and iconic will always make you feel good about the purchase. Every time you use your wallet, you will be reminded that you too own things that have been exceptionally crafted. Think about the impression you will create on others when they watch you pull an authentic leather wallet out of your pocket. That alone will make it worth the purchase!

3. Durability

Apart from being natural, genuine leather is also durable. Reputed leather goods manufacturers always make it a point to use high quality material to treat raw leather to make it tough and long-lasting. That’s one reason why leather items are more expensive than other natural goods. However, the price is worth it because you can rest assured that good quality leather will last for years without losing its sheen and newness. Since you’re bound to use your leather wallet many times a day, it is always advisable to buy a wallet that will be able to withstand the constant use.

4. Easy To Clean and Maintain

Leather is easier to clean as compared to some of the other materials. A leather wallet which is constantly used is bound to get dirty. You may feel that it is starting to look timeworn. However, that is hardly a cause for worry. The texture of new leather may seem a little tough but with time it becomes more flexible while retaining its shape and strength. What makes leather wallets so great is that they can mold themselves according to the user’s lifestyle and way of use.

Moreover, leather is easy to clean and maintain. It does not stain easily and can retain its shape even if you accidentally spill water on it. Although it isn’t waterproof, it can still be kept looking good and spot-free by using a high quality leather cleaner. Like fine wine, good leather only gets better as it ages.

5. Leather Can Breathe

You can store leather goods for long without worrying about them getting damaged. Due to a process called transpiration, the natural oils and moisture inside leather keep moving back and forth. This unique quality lets it breathe, keeping it soft and supple.

The best part of using a leather wallet is that it doesn’t stick to your skin. It quickly adjusts itself to the temperature changes only because it can breathe.

6. Value For Money

Although you may find leather items exorbitantly priced, the truth is that they are not. I would say that leather is usually rightly priced for the immense value it gives you.

Given that a genuine leather wallet lasts around 10 years despite being used every day, its retail price doesn’t seem high when you factor in its long-term use. Most long-lasting products are highly priced because they don’t need to be replaced any time soon.


Leather is an all-time favorite for many and I’m not surprised about this! Going for a leather wallet is a personal choice and it usually speaks volumes of who you are as a person. Since leather wallets are durable and long-lasting, buying a good one will ensure you have a wallet that you will like for years to come.