So, you are planning on throwing a house party?

From sending invitations to friends and arranging good booze to preparing the ultimate pump-up music playlist and preparing your pad - you have taken care of everything to make your party on point!

But, are you planning to entertain your friends with the same old beer pong or king’s cup?

If yes, drop that idea right away. It’s time to think out-of-the-box and entertain your booze-loving friends with newer plain-crazy drinking games - those that can take drinking to a whole new level and make your party be remembered for months to come.

Here are seven crazy drinking games for the ultimate house party.

1. Bear Paw

This one is not for the faint-hearted. The Bear Paw game starts off with a simple mug of beer, but don’t you make the mistake of underestimating it. The game begins with one player taking a sip of beer and passing the mug to another friend after adding the same amount of vodka in it. This session continues until the entire mug gets filled with vodka.

Does it end here? Hell no!

The mug full of vodka is then passed again and the entire process is reversed - this time filling it with beer. This continues until the entire group gets totally wasted.

The Beer Paw is the mother of all drinking games. Only the Russians could have come up with a drinking game as daring as this one.


2. True American

Candy land, molten lava and truckloads of beer - that’s True American at its best. The characters in ‘New Girl’ played True American in one of the episodes and that’s how it gathered so much attention.

To begin with, teams are formed. A castle is made of cans of beers and one bottle of liquor is placed on the table right in the center of the room. The bottle of liquor is the king of the castle. The beer cans are pawns which are the soldiers of the Secret Order. The pawns are placed in four lines radiating outward from the king.

Rule of thumb: The ground is molten lava, so you are supposed to stay off the floor. You can step on the furniture because that is the only way you can escape the lava. As players traverse the game area, they remove beer cans and drink the beer. Once all the beer cans have been removed, the first player to reach the bottle of alcohol, finish the beer, and take a gulp from the liquor bottle wins the game.

 3. Attached at the Hip

This game is one of the best icebreakers ever!

Played in partners, this game aims to bring you closer to your partner (maybe way too close)!

So, how do you go about playing it?

Write down the names of body parts on paper chits. Each duo chooses one chit and is assigned that body part. As soon as one of the teams says ‘attached’ aloud, every player has to attach himself/herself to their partner by that body part and stay that way for as long as they can. The moment a duo separates, they have to take a shot.


4. Drunken Artists

If you are good at drawing, Drunken Artists is the game for you.

This game is an awesome-er version of Pictionary, where each player gets to be an artist and draw a word on the board, whereas the rest of the players try to figure out the drawing.

Once someone guesses the word correctly, one needs to look at the time taken for it. Meanwhile, the artist has to take a sip of booze for every 20 seconds that went by before the right answer is announced. Let’s say, if it took 2 minutes for guessing the correct answer, the artist needs to take 6 swigs of his/her drink. If no one can figure out the word, the artist has no option, but to gulp down the shot. Interesting, right!


5. Straight Face

This one seems simple, but definitely isn’t.

Every time you giggle, you drink.

All the players have to write down sentences on small pieces of paper. The sentences need to be ridiculous and bizarre - those that would make it difficult to read (or hear) with a straight face and that too after knocking back a drink.

One at a time, each player has to choose a chit and attempt to read whatever is written in it without giggling or cracking a smile. If they fail, they drink.


6. Strip or Dare Beer Pong

The name of the games says it all. You have to play this one just like regular beer pong. However, once you gulp down your drink, you have to choose either strip or dare. You need to do whatever is asked of you or you get penalty drinks. Simple, right?

This game will put the spotlight on you. You would then, of course, want to make sure to dress in the coolest party apparels and look like an absolute rockstar!

 7. Dragon Has Entered

No one can beat the Russians when it comes to their mammoth appetite for booze - especially vodka. Dragon has entered, also known as ‘Tiger has come’ is one of the most popular Russian drinking games.

A leader is chosen among the group as the dragon. Throughout the game, the other players have to hide under the table and get out only when the dragon leaves the room by announcing that the ‘dragon has left.’ After this, they have to take a shot of vodka and, once again, duck under the table.

Players are eliminated when they lose their balance coming out from under the table. This continues until there’s only one player left who has the strength to get out from under the table. He/she is declared the winner.


Everyone knows the classic drinking games such as beer pong and flip cup. It’s time for you to demonstrate your drinking-game prowess through a few new exciting games and become the party unicorn. Not only can these drinking games take your party to a whole new level, they can also make you the star of your school. So, what are you waiting for? Let the good times roll! Happy drinking!