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Shopping for punks has never been easy. This is mainly because understanding the punk subculture isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Parents, siblings, partners and friends of the punk people tend to have a tough time picking up gifts for them, whatever the occasion. Since punks are typically anti-establishment, it is difficult to tell what they care about and what they would like to receive.

Chances are that your punk doesn’t really value expensive and materialistic things either. In all probability, he hates expensive clothes, colognes, shoes, gadgets, etc. I bet you’re finding yourself running out of options already. But have no fear because today’s your lucky day!

Read on for some punk-friendly gifting ideas for that special punk in your life.

1. Music

This is just so obvious! You already know that punks love music, don’t you? But the real question is to find out exactly what kind of music your lovable punk is into. Is it good ole pop punk, or is heavy metal his poison? Now that you’re thinking more clearly, it makes sense to do some snooping around in his room when he’s away and figure out what kind of music he listens to. His music collection should give you a few clues. You could ask his sibling whom he may be sharing his room with. Then there are his friends whom you could interrogate. Go on, do some research and find out about his musical taste. Who knows, it might end up converting you into a punk too!

2. Concert Tickets

If you’re not sure what CD to get your punk, there is another way out and this is probably a better one. Get him two (for him and a punk friend) concert tickets to his favorite band. Trust me he’s going to feel indebted to you for the rest of his life for this. Worried about how you’re going to get your hands on the tickets? No need because you don’t need to stand in a line for hours any more. Simply book them online. Surprise him by leaving them under his pillow, or wrapped up in his favorite t-shirt, or in his jewelry drawer for him to discover.

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3. Leather

Leather jackets, shoes, caps, wallets, all with punk-inspired themes and motifs are sure to impress your punk. You can gift him either of these items and watch his face burst into a smile (which can be very rare), but ensure they’re made of good quality leather. They might be slightly expensive but they offer great value for money by maintaining their quality and lasting long. For leather wallets, you can check out the collection at Bad Mother Fucker Wallet. We have some cool Pulp Fiction-inspired stuff that might just help you make the correct choice. Leather products are sure to get you a big thumbs-up!

4. Posters

This is another option that will definitely get you into your punk’s good books. It is every punk’s dream to have a room full of posters of his favorite musicians, bands and other inspirational punk people. The best part about this gift idea is that they are quite inexpensive and available easily too. All you have to do is find out his preference regarding the type of posters he would want in his room. Once you’ve figured that out, don’t get him one poster; get him at least 4 to 5 to brighten up his day!

5. Band T-Shirts

Since you’ve already done a hell lot of FBI-like investigation in deciphering your punk’s musical taste, it makes sense to put that knowledge to good use and gift him a band t-shirt. If you get the band right, this is something that no punk will be able to say no to. If he doesn’t like music, you can get him a t-shirt with a skull print on it. Yeah, with punks, skulls work like a charm!

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6. Studded Accessories

Accessories like headbands, wristbands, belts, chains, etc. will be loved by them. Have these items adorned with pointed studs and they will be appreciated to no end. If studs are hard to find, you can get them skeletal-inspired accessories. Chunky jewelry will be a hit for sure. Punks love dark makeup, so you could gift them nail polishes and lipsticks in black, maroon, deep blue and green. Male punks use cosmetics too!

7. Hair Colors

You’ve probably already watched your punk move around the house looking like a peacock, so you already know that punks love coloring their hair in eccentric colors like pink, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, etc. Basically, the hair colors you wouldn’t find people sporting commonly. This means another gifting option just opened up for you. Get him high quality hair colors in whacky shades. Don’t worry about them complementing his skin tone, because that’s the last thing on his mind. Just get him the colors!

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8. Gift Cards

If you’ve already gifted all of the above mentioned things to your punk, and feel like taking it easy this time, then giving him a gift card from his favorite store makes perfect sense. This option makes your work easier and frees him up to buy whatever he pleases. So it’s a win-win situation for all!


And there you have it – another successful occasion and another happy punk. These gifting ideas might be a little offbeat but nothing about being a punk is ordinary. The idea of gifting is to make people happy and these gifting options are sure to make that happen!