Toby Sheldon has an interesting obsession with Justin Bieber, spending nearly $100,000.00 on plastic surgery to look just like him. To be honest hes not even close to looking like him at all. This 33 year old Los Angeles Song writer blames his phobia of aging (Gerascophobia) to why he so adamant for wanting to look like the youthful singer.

Here are a few of the surgeries he has undergone:

  1. $8,000 Hair Transplants
  2. $21,000 to lower his hairline, close off temples and grow bangs
  3. $4,850 to lift his upper eyelids
  4. $30,000 to lift his upper lip, turned out his bottom lip and turned up the corners of his mouth, for a permanent smile.

Theres more surgeries but the more I list the more I want to vomit.



Check out this Video Toby Sheldon made with other Look-a-Likes.