Let's face it, we all love games, we all love drinking, of course the two would go together like Kim and Kanye (I'll leave that one open to your imagination).

Here at PWS HQ we have played every drinking game possible, to be honest, any excuse to drink is a game in itself.

So we compiled a list of games and variations that we personally enjoy, well..... from what we can piece together.

Are you up to the challenge? How many of these games will you play this weekend?

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Word Bingo.

A nice little add-on to any Drinking Game or Party

This works with conversations, music and TV’s. Designate one or as many words as you want as drinking words. When that word is said everyone must drink.

drinking games

Mustache Drinking game.

Fun and easy to set up game!

Choose a film or Turn on the TV, Place mustache randomly on the screen, When the mustache aligns with a upper lip, DRINK!

Cell Phone Roulette.

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone nowadays, so go ahead and invite in Back-Alley Bob for some hilarious endeavors!

The game starts with everyone putting their cell phones in the middle of the table, mix them up and grab a random phone. Look through the contact list and compose a text saying whatever you want to whomever you want. Then before sending the message, hand the phone back to its owner. The owner now has a choice. Send the message or take a shot.

Alcohol or Water.

How bad is your shot face? Lets see you try and 007 out of this one.

You’ll need quite a few shot glasses depending on how many people I usually like to make around 2 shot glasses per person, of course you’ll want clear liquors (i.e: gin, vodka, sambuca, tequila) and a couple of the shots will be of water. Take it in turns to down a shot then say "mmmm water", if someone claims that you aren't convincing, you have to do another shot. If challenged to drinking water and they are wrong, give the shot glass to a third party, so they can examine the beverage by smell, if it was water. You can sanction punishments if you wish.

Arrogance / Bet your Liver.

Essentially, all you need is a coin and a big cup in the centre of the table.

Take turns pouring an amount of whatever you're drinking into the cup, you can be a cocky fucker and tip in your whole drink or you can add next to nothing, then you flip a coin and guess heads or tails. If you're wrong you have to chug the drink. If you're right, it goes to the next person, and they have to add some, and flip a coin. Repeat.

Wizard Stick / Wizard Staff.

You need a ton of beer in cans, and a few rolls of duct tape.

When you finish your first beer, you tape your next one on top of it, using only one layer of tape, then your next one on top of that, etc. Eventually, everyone is drinking out of beer stacks that are 10-15 cans high.

You can add silly rules for people with shorter staffs than you, they have to call you sire, and if they're more than three below you then they will be your beer squire.

Another fun addition is if another wizard is walking by you, anyone can say “You shall not pass!” then you must duel with your staffs and whoevers stick breaks first they have to drink that many beers that broke off the staff.

Vietnam War.

This one requires some set up and a lot of beer (but isn’t this why we’re here in the first place?)

Two teams of three, one for team USA and one for Vietnam. Each team has ten cups. The US sets up theirs in the standard triangle formation for beer pong and puts about a third of a beer in each cup. Vietnam's cups can be put anywhere on their side of the table and an entire 12oz beer goes into each one.

USA starts with three balls. Each time one of Vietnam's cups are made, they drink the beer and pull the cup out of the playing field. Each time one of USA's cups are made, one of the team drinks the beer, switching to the next teammate for the next one, refills it, and puts it back into the triangle. The game goes until all of Vietnam's cups are gone or team USA gives up.

Kings / Circle of Death / King's Cup or Ring of Fire

Whatever you call it, it’s a drinking game that uses playing cards. The player must drink and dispense drinks based on cards drawn. Each card has a rule that is predetermined before the game starts. Everyone plays it differently so here are some card ideas.

Card instruction variations:

Ace: Waterfall - each player starts drinking their beverage at the same time as the person to their left, no player can stop drinking until the player before them stops.

2: Give 2 - give someone 2 drinks

3: Take 3 - take 3 drinks

4: is for Whores - all the girls drink, if no one drinks for this, stop go outside, there really is a shit ton of fish out there.

5: Social - Everyone Drinks

6: is for Dicks - all the guys drink, if no one drinks when this card is pulled, give us a call.... seriously we wanna party with you.

7: Heaven - raise both hands up, last person to get both up drinks

8: Pick a Date - choose a person to be your date, when you drink they have to drink also

9: Rhyme - say a word, then to your left the person has to say a word that rhymes, keep going until someone messes up or repeats one that was said, the person that messes up drinks

10: Categories - Name a category (car companies, tv shows, make up brands, etc...) You start it off by naming something in the category and it continues to the left, keep going until someone messes up or repeats one that was said, the person that messes up drinks.

Jack: Never Have I Ever - state something you have never done and if any has done it they must drink.

Queen: Question Master - until another queen is drawn you are Question Master, if you ask anyone a question at anytime during the game and they answer you not in question format, they must drink.

King: King - when you draw this card place a hat or a crown on your head, if someone knocks off your "crown" you must drink and they become the new King, or until another king is drawn.

As stated earlier everyone plays this game differently which allow you to learn new things! Here are some variations on the cards that some people use!

  •  Spelling B - Chose a random player to spell a word, if they get it right you drink and if they get it wrong they drin
  •  Race - chose a random player and "Race" to finish your drinks, both players must still finish their drinks.
  •  Dirty Pint - place a cup in the center each time a ace is drawn pour part of your drink into the cup, whoever draws the last Ace drinks whats in the cup.
  •  Most Likely To... - make a statement; for example: "pick their nose" or "slip and fall tonight", Everyone points and who they think is "most likely" to do these things, for each finger pointed at each person is 1 drink.
  •  2 Fingers - drink 2 fingers of your drink
  •  3 Fingers - drink 3 fingers of your drink
  •  Reverse - change direction of game play
  •  Accents - pick a accent and speak in this accent until another 3 is drawn, breaking character results in drinking
  •  Moose - everyone puts their thumbs on your forehead and fingers spread out like moose antlers, last person to do this drinks
  •  Nickname - give someone a nickname, if anyone calls this person by their real name, they drink
  •  Floor - everyone puts both hands on the floor, last to do so drinks
  •  Divide - give 5 drinks to someone or split it up to your choosing amonst the players
  •  Fatboy - each player counts up starting with "1", any number with 7 in it or is a multiple of seven is replaced with "Fatboy" (or honestly anyword of your choosing) keep going until someone messes up, then they drink.
  •  Flicks - you can pick someone to flick in the forehead, they can choose to take it or drink.
  •  Snake Eyes - whoever draws the card becomes Snake Eyes, everytime they make eye contact with someone that person must drink. This last until another 7 is drawn.
  •  Cell Phone Roulette - explained earlier in Blog
  •  Fate - essentially its like Dare you can choose a activity for someone to do and they must do it or drink their whole drink.
  •  Whine - you must whine about something then the player to your left whines about something. This continues until everyone playing decides that someones whine is not whiney enough. That person drinks.
  •  Simon says - person who draws the card starts with a sign, for example: a peace sign or touching their nose, then the player to the left does the same then adds another "sign", keep going until someone messes up, this person drinks
  •  Chinese Fire Drill - everyone must run around the table one full time then sit in the chair to the left of their original position.
  •  Prank Call - player who draws this card must have a random number dialed for them on speaker phone, when the random number answers the person must say, "Excuse me is your fridge running?" "Well you better go catch it!" (or any other corny joke you want to use)
  •  Jackass - When draw you become the Jackass, everytime someone drinks you drink until a new Jackass is crowned.