kick the habitAre you a Festival Junkie?When you hear people say Coachella, Ultra, or EDC do you lose your mind and start talking non stop about it?

Do your friends feel the need to have a intervention?

Either way, everyone loves a good festival!

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Festival Junkie


1. Festival Ticket Savings: Everyone can clearly see that ticket prices (Coachella, Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrow World) are getting crazy, but the lineup! You know it makes sense and you know it’s worth it. You rather sit at home eating Ramen Noodles for a month, just to ease that festival fix.



concert map


2. Who to see?: It actually stresses you out to plan out who you want to see, at which stage and what time and who you only want to see half a set of so you can catch someone else’s set. Or you plan your set around your best friends first time at a festival and you want them to love it so you have a partner in crime for future festivals.



kick the habit


3. Self-Restraint: Have 4 packs of cigarettes and want to smoke? NO! Can’t bring in open packs of cigarettes, I WILL PREVAIL!



merch table

4. Style: There’s a section of your closet designated to festival clothing. Just Tutu’s and bright neon fabrics….. yup even the guys, don’t lie you know you have at least one Tutu stuffed away, you always say “I don’t know where that came from” every time you see it.


5. Accessories: Matching isn’t of the highest importance, but you need to have everything for every situation. You own more than 1 fanny pack or different types of backpack/bags for every outfit.

6. OCD: You have a checklist of things to pack before going to a festival. Sweatbands, feed pet turtle, phone,  eat a decent meal, clip toe nails, find a pet sitter, headbands, lighter, did I leave the oven on?, bracelets, tickets, keys,  I wonder if Amanda is going, sunglasses, extra shirt, travel charger for phone,  chap stick, or extra socks.

7. Comfort: You feel safe around 50,000 hot & sweaty strangers even when you’re alone.

8. Agenda: You plan your summer vacation around music festivals. Want to take a road trip? You will most likely pick a place with a festival that weekend over anything else.

9. Mo Festivals, Mo Problems: Payment plans are the best thing that ever happened to you. Not only is your wallet happy, you can finally upgrade from $0.10 ramen cups to $1.00 menu. That’s called Progress!

10. Beacon of Hope: Your group has its own Totem Pole. A custom totem pole can help lost stragglers from the group always find you, or you can just put a GoPro on it and GoCrazy.

11. Impatient: You get there before the gates open. You’ve counted down the days to the festival by the second, what’s waiting in the sun an extra hour or two gonna do?

12. Creative: Costumes are not for Halloween anymore. Adding your own element to your festival experience is almost crucial. Yeah you remember your first festival and laughed at the guy with the rainbow fro, now you get it, it all makes sense now.

13. Loving Nature: Hugged strangers just because. I don’t know if it’s because you locked yourself away in your house for the past month to save money or the lack of interactions with other humans for so long, but you threw your self-esteem out the window once you passed through those gates hours ago.

14. Insomnia: Sleep? What is that? One thing is for sure next week is only going to be a 6 day week because when this ends you’re sleeping for 2 days.

15. Pablo Escobar Complex: Clearly you consider yourself the master of smuggling contraband. Sneaking in anything is worth 100 times its weight in gold.

16. Secret Agent: You try at least 10 times to get backstage. If you do make it back there, through whatever means necessary, you feel like you just won the lotto.


17. Nutrition: Food? Never mind my favorite DJ just went on.


Tyrone Biggums

18. Anticipatory Anxiety: Counting down the days until the next festival. You make Tyrone Biggums look normal.