Check our the new way to go the bathroom at night! You know when you still drunk in the middle of the night and you have to whiz, well turning on that florescent light is not ideal. Now, you don't have to with these GLOW IN THE DARK NEON TOILET SEATS. They are available in neon green or neon blue and in two different bowl shapes (Round or Elongated).

Read these testimonials:

  • We have had our Night Glow for over a month now and I could not be more pleased with it. Not only has it been awesome for those late night bathroom trips, it has also gotten my youngest son interested in potty training early since he loves the glow! The glow stays bright right through the night, no need to turn those lights on and wake myself up!
    - Gina Green-Bell
  • 3 weeks ago I installed the night glow in my bathroom and while at first skeptical about what benefits it had to offer I must say I am very impressed. Since the installation the light in that bathroom is on maybe a 10th of the time is used to be on which amounts to saving on our energy bill.
    - Dave Anhorn 

green seat