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If you’re a non-conformist and like to do your own thing without feeling, scared, guilty or regretful about it, then deep down you’re probably a punk. Of course, not everyone around you might understand what being a punk is all about.

Punk attitudes and fashion have a charm of their own, although not everyone around punks might feel comfortable with it. But if you’re looking to express yourself through your clothes and style, then adding the punk funk to your look might just allow you to speak out without even having to use your mouth.

Being a punk entails having a voice of your own and staying away from suffocating societal norms, being anti-establishment and generally standing out in a crowd. This culture is the offspring of a particularly edgy style of music, dance, art, films, literature, ideologies and of course, fashion. In short, being a punk is all about standing for things you believe in and making a statement with your hair, dress, body and attitude.

So if you think that you need to stop hiding the punk in you and start bringing it out instead, then we’ve got some funky advice for you.


Wardrobe Basics



The first step towards being a punk is getting the look right. Throw out your preppy clothes and stock up on denim, leather, animal prints, and tartan, all of which reflect the punk style. Leather belts, wallets, hand gloves are all add-ons to the look. To get your hands on some cool leather wallets, you can look through some of the options at Bad Mother Fucker Wallet.

Edgy t-shirts printed with attention-grabbing (and controversial) logos and punk-rock band paraphernalia should become a part of your everyday wear. Pants with multiple zippers or safety pins are also commonly worn.

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Ripping and Pinning

We’re talking ripping your clothes and pinning them later! You might think it is simple, but it’s not. Take our word for it and don’t just start ripping them apart. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Take an old t-shirt or a pair of jeans and visualize where you want them ripped. Keep in mind the part of your body that will be exposed through the cuts. Use a tailor’s chalk for better clarity.

Once you’re certain about where you want to rip your clothing, proceed with a pair of scissors or a pen knife. Start with a slight cut and complete the rip with your fingers. You can make your denims look more frayed by rubbing them against a cheese grater.

Once you’re done with the ripping, it is time to highlight the rips with safety pins. You can use safety pins of different sizes to hold the rips together or to create folds and layers to add pleats in your clothes. You can also use them to accessorize by connecting several pins together and attaching them vertically or horizontally on your denims.

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Color Play

If you wish to add some color to your clothes, there are several ways to do that. You can bleach them, or go for splatter painting or tie-dying. None of these are easy to do, but no good thing worth its value is.

Try bleaching a test fabric first to avoid ruining your clothes. Pad your garments with newspapers to prevent the bleach from bleeding through. For splatter painting, you can use fabric paint with paintbrush/roller and syringes for adding effects. While tie-dying, make sure that the fabric is pre-washed and tightly tied up either with rubber bands or strings.

Kick Pick

No look is complete without the right footwear and this is true of the punk look too. In fact, shoes make an important part of this look. Shun wearing branded shoes as they go against the punk code and just do not work; combat shoes, however, are a must-have. Women can opt for pumps and cowboy boots. Metallic embellishments on shoes are popular. Leather shoes with metallic studs and side buckle fastenings are a surefire hit.




Your hairstyle is a huge part of your overall appearance and punk hairstyles are unlike anything that would be considered normal.

Think whacky and out-of-the-ordinary. The most common and popular punk hairstyles are spikes and Mohawks, which are a favorite among sports celebrities all over the world. Other variants include 80’s hair, big hair, shaved hair and devil locks.

Hair color is also an important part of punk grooming. You can experiment with unconventional and vibrant colors like pink, red, green, blue, yellow and white. Many punks choose to go bald or have their head shaven from one or both sides.


Makeup and Jewelry

Dark makeup is an absolute essential in punk fashion. Black, deep shades of blue, maroon and green are also popular colors in nail polish and lipstick. Heavily kohled eyes are the hallmark of punk makeup. When it comes to jewelry, the chunkier it is the better. Rings, earrings, ear cuffs, wrist bands, anklets, necklaces, and waist bands with skeletal motifs are huge. Men and women both eagerly paint their faces and sport jewelry. Now what could be more non-confirming than this?

Piercings and Tattoos

Piercing and tattoos hold the key to the punk fashion style. Punks use art as a form of self-expression and choose to get inked and/or pierced when they fall short of words to express themselves. Each tattoo and piercing holds a meaning and has a history behind it. Art defines the punk style and what better way to portray it than to decorate your body with tattoos and piercings!

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There will always be more to learn and ways to build on your already existing knowledge about punk fashion and culture. Hanging out with other people who have established their own style and attending punk concerts should help you widen your network of punk friends and attune your mind to the culture. The key is to believe in your convictions and opinions and let that reflect through your personality.