So, you’re in the mood to get reckless with a few hundred friends of yours and want to throw a raucous bash. What are you waiting for?

It’s time to get turnt up, have the most epic party ever, and yeet!

If you wish to be popular in your school or impress that chick you swoon over - throwing a Project X-style party can help you do both.

You definitely want your party to be much more than a can of Pringles and a six-pack of some cheap beer. In fact, you want to throw a party that will be remembered by your friends for ages to come, and that surely needs you to put in thought and preparation.

Here are a few tips for throwing a kick-ass house party.

1. Prepare Your Pad for Action

There’s much more to preparing your place for the party than just cleaning it up.

> Place trash cans in high-traffic locations. The more trash cans you have, the less time you will have to spend in cleaning up the mess after the party.

> Make sure to keep plenty of ashtrays, lest you want to end up cleaning truckloads of used cigarette butts afterwards.

> As Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones said, “It is not easy being drunk all the time. Everyone would do it if it were easy.” Chances are that during the party, several people won’t be able to hold their drinks and will be under the table. In fact, several others will be too drunk to return home and may want to crash at your place. So, make the necessary sleeping arrangements beforehand as this will save you a lot of hassle later.

> Minimize your supervising duties so you can enjoy the party yourself. Keep your fine furniture and breakable stuff away from the maddening crowd.

2. Stock up on Booze and Food

You don’t need a wide array of spirits, liquors and mixers to liven up your party. Buying every alcoholic drink under the sun is downright insane as you may end up with bottles that will gather dust later. Having the basics such as gin, vodka, bourbon, triple sec, vermouth, scotch, tequila, and rum will do just fine. Add a couple of wine bottles to your collection. Get a sufficient number of kegs - they are must-haves for a kick-ass party.

Have a good supply of non-alcoholic options as well, as mixers and for the teetotalers. Make sure to stock up on club soda, tonic water, cola, sprite, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice, 7-up, pineapple juice, tomato sauce, Angostura bitters, lime and lemon juice.

Get boxes of cookies, bags of Doritos, crackers, finger foods, cheese and bean dip - all of these food items are likely to go well with any party crowd. Don’t forget to get a good number of party cups unless shotgunning beer is the rule of thumb.


3. An Ultimate Party Playlist Is a Must

Want to keep the spirits high and energetic at your party? Get your hands on the right music.

Music can make or break your party. One brilliant thing you can do is sign up with a streaming service like, Spotify or SoundCloud. These will give you access to a sea of amazing tracks. It’s a must if you don’t have much of a music collection or don’t plan to hire a DJ.


4. Other Essentials to Keep in Mind

If you’re worried about the potential number of strangers that will show up at your party, setting up a Facebook invitation is an excellent way to get an overall idea of the head-count.

It is best to keep things legal unless you’re okay with getting arrested and really screwing things up. Inform your neighbors well in advance about the party so that they don’t create trouble later. Better be safe than sorry.

Want to add more awesomeness to your party? Get some crazy party accessories and party toys and games such as water balloons, water balloon cannons, corn hole & boards, king card games, and water guns. Also, dedicate a specific area in your house to beer pong. Make sure to buy a beer pong kit well in time.

No matter what, add the directions to your house clearly alongside the other information in the Web post about your party.

Wish to make your party legacy live on forever? Make sure to record your party with a high-quality video camera and post the video to YouTube.



Throwing a badass party is, of course, not easy. Right from arranging good booze and DJ to serving scrumptious food and setting up your place for the bash - there’s a lot you need to take care of. Preparing for it can be one hell of a ride. The above-mentioned tips will help you throw the coolest party ever - one that will make your friends call it, “The party that slayed.”