The hottest new product of 2015 is not the phone that works in space or that all in 1 tablet, pc, and breakfast table nook. No, the hottest product of 2015 is so bright you might just gotta wear shades. It is the kind of product that makes one think of bread that has been wedged apart with a sharp object. By the end of 2015 everyone will be talking about the latest development in LED Furniture.

What is LED Furniture? You may think anything you can do with furniture has already been done and mankind reached its pinnacle with the bean bag chair. Well, you are wrong. LED furniture uses the latest technology in LED light diodes to make a simple apple shaped chair glow in amazing bright colors. It makes an inconspicuous cube seat into a beacon for anyone who is prone to excitement and adventure. If that isn't brilliant enough each piece of LED Furniture is made in such a way it is completely waterproof and thus transcending that divided piece of flour and yeast as the greatest thing in existence.

To say that the LED Furniture is a game changer is nowhere near an overstatement. Some might say that statement is downright conservative. The game has certainly been changed. It has changed so much that in comparison your old dark furniture is in black and white, wearing leather helmets with no idea on how the forward pass works. Led Furniture on the other hand is making deals with sports drinks and being shown on a 120 inch 4k flat screen TV.

Within the LED Furniture family is wide range of shapes and sizes. Each one is capable of emitting up to 16 different spectrums of light. As an added bonus you can turn on different features like strobe and random. All of the pieces of LED Furniture are completely waterproof and should not be considered just an indoor treat.


Here are some of the players you need to familiarize yourself with.


LED Cube


The LED Cube is the LED Furniture Quarterback. This versatile piece of home décor can do it all and won't buckle under pressure. It will literally hold up to 300 pounds! The LED Cube comes in multiple sizes ranging from 12 inches to 22 inches so there is a size to meet any home or dorm need.


LED Sphere / Ball


If the LED Cube is the Quarterback then the LED Sphere is the Running Back. It is certainly a slick addition to your home's backfield and can round out any good LED Furniture collection. Just like the cube, the sphere comes in multiple sizes and can fit nicely just about anywhere in your home or dorm.


LED Sofa Couch


This behemoth is not for the LED Furniture amateur. It is the cornerstone of your new LED lifestyle and must be respected for its confident place within your home or dorm. The set starts at two pieces but it shouldn't stop there. Don't let anything hold you back from building the ultimate glowing sofa inside or out.


LED Apple Chair


Strong with a small profile, the LED Apple Chair is a modern slick design destined to become your favorite seat. Don't let this little chair fool you, it can fit any butt you put on top of it.


LED Round Table


No LED Furniture set is complete without a place to put your drinks. Your guest will be in aw at this glowing table devoid of corners. The LED Round Table is the perfect complement to a seat of four LED Cubes for sitting around talking about the future.


LED Bench


The LED Bench is a cube made for two. It is long and nimble, able to hold multiple people. Don't let the name fool you, these stackable bricks can also be the basis for your very own LED Wall!


Now you know the players in this arena. The future looks bright and colorful.