Product Review of LED Furniture


The hottest new item we offer at Frattoys is LED furniture. We can’t resist anything that lights up and is flashy. Naturally, we wanted to test out the eco-friendly LED furniture for ourselves. The furniture comes in over 16 different colors. We found that the LED furniture looks great in any environment. They stand as a nice décor item for your house, patio, bar or club. This product offers stability by being able to hold up to 300 lbs of weight.


All of the furniture is waterproof and looks great during the day with a white acrylic exterior perfect for blending into any room or standing out at night when the lights are off. Take a look for yourself on how eye appealing this furniture is. All packages come with a remote control, power adapter and batteries, which allows you to change both the brightness and speed. The furniture ranges from $120.00-$299.00. After reviewing this product we think the LED modern furniture is a great accessory to any environment.