PWS phone

This Christmas, get the gift that doesn’t need any antibiotics. The new Party With Sluts phone is one of the most advanced “Genius” phones on the market! Packed with so many new features, your brain will explode!


Key Features of this AMAZING PHONE!

  1. Make a phone call
  2. Send TEXT!
  3. Receive TEXT!
  4. End a Phone call
  5. 3 way calling? YEAH!
  6. Is that a cat riding a bicycle? YEAH this phone takes Pictures!
  7. Swiss Army Knife
  8. Water Resistant
  9. UNBREAKBLE!!!!!
  10. Cute
  11. Psychokinetic Texting Capabilities
  12. Prints Money
  13. Lighter
  14. Nights and Weekends
  15. Wi-Fi Hacker
  17. X-Ray camera
  18. Never  Dying Eco Drive Battery
  19. Condom Dispenser
  20. Special feature: after 10pm it will auto text sluts and all phone calls are transferred to the next available slut within a 30ft proximity.

Order one now and we’ll throw in CHEAP WIRED HEADPHONES!