We are back from the time wrap in Pamana City Beach, FL, its only 6 hours but with the one hour time change, it's a whole different kind of city. Our crew Party With Sluts, Frattoys and Frattanks saw everything from topless girls, drunk people hanging from balconies to top EDM DJs spinning on the white sandy beach. 

Party started a noon and ended at midnight, giving spring breakers plenty of time to drink early. It was a beach party during the day and side stage with local artists playing to keep the vibe going. People are getting wild and booze is everywhere. We are taking shots from the balconies above us down to our vendor booth below on the pool deck. Stage intermission from 5-6pm each day before the main stage opens with DJs headlining like Krewella, Bassjackers, Kill the Noise, ETC ETC! and more. Check out some the maddness with our "Let's take s selfie" poster, party with sluts style. Full album HERE







Thank you for everyone who bought and supported our line! If you missed out, check it out online here