Why Not Match Our Socks To Our Personalities?

It might not be the first thing you think about when you get dressed in the morning but it might soon be. The biggest thing in fashion in 2015 is not going to be worn around your shoulders or on your head. The biggest things making its way down the fashion runways are socks. Not just your father's argyles and certainly not your white socks with the multi colored bands you wore to little league. Traditionalists will say you need to match your socks to your pants. The contemporary Fashionista says match your socks with your personality. That’s right, why limit yourself to diagonal patterns in dull muted colors when you can wear vibrant artistic master pieces around your feet.


There is an old saying that form follows function and the humble sock is the most functional piece of clothing we own, but it shouldn't be the most boring. Fresh Socks is leading the way in this idea and have taken the world by storm. In its wake is a fashion landscape forever altered, and a whole generation of sock wearers who refuse to stick with the flock. Everyone from Snoop Dogg to Eli Manning can be seen wearing Fresh Socks. How did we get to this style cross roads and where can this path lead us? In order to understand where we are going we need to explore sock's modest beginnings.


We all have them in our drawers and wear them almost every day, but how many of us take the time to think about where they come from. You will find that socks have evolved from being something worn solely to keep your feet warm to something that helps define your personal style.


A Ridiculous History Of Socks


The sock is by definition an item of clothing worn on the foot. Just like anything else we wear, socks started out as the skins of animals. Lamb, goat, or oxen skins were gathered up and tied around the ankles. Not the soft cotton and nylon we are used to today. And forget about the elastic bands that help them stay up. They were stiff and less then form fitting. They created a barrier between early man's feet and the harsh ancient elements. As any TV. Survivalist today will tell you, keeping your feet warm is the most important part of survival.


It was the genius Greeks who first started to use animal hair, leather, and woven fabrics around their feet. Just like all things Greek, the Romans took their ideas a step further and developed something that was comfortable and easy to wear. The first knitted socks didn't show up until Egyptian royalty began wearing them around the 3rd century A.D. By 1000 A.D. socks became a symbol of nobility and began showing up with ornamental designs around the sides. Although not yet a Fresh Sock, these early socks were a way by the people we wore them to make a statement. Most other people wore foot wraps, which were just plain pieces of cloth wrapped around the foot before being placed in a boot.


Much like Gutenberg’s printing press did for books, the invention of the knitting machine in the 16th century brought socks to the masses. For the first the time history the poorest and richest were wearing the same socks. It was a galvanizing time in the history of human civilization. By the time the industrial Revolution began in the 19th century socks were as important to a man’s wardrobe as boots and pants.


Nylon was invented in 1938 which once again revolutionized the sock industry. Blends of fabrics were used along with new colors and patterns. Socks were being made in ultrafast looms and printing machines, making them available to anyone that needed them. Socks of black, white, and blue adorned clothes lines across the country. In the 1950’s men began to wear socks with geometric patterns and different colors on them. The fashion rules for socks were development in the experimentation days of the 1960’s.


Where Can Our Socks Take Us?


Fast forward 50 years and not much had changed. The same rules that applied to our grandparent still applied to us. While other piece of garment had gone through numerous style transformations, the sock remained relatively the same. For a long time the sock had been relegated to live under the pants rarely seen, and definately not a extension one's personality.


By 2014 an idea had been brewing among the rebels and idea makers and the sock revolution had begun. People everywhere have begun breaking the traditional social sock norms.


Fresh Socks breaks all the rules and invites you to explore your individuality. That is what Fresh Socks is all about. Go ahead and free your inner radical. If there is some place you want to be, put on some Fresh Socks and let your feet take you there.

What will you do with your socks on next?