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Top 4 Tips for Setting up a Home Bar for Super Cool House Parties

Thursday, September 17, 2015 6:47:52 AM America/New_York


 Do you love creating killer cocktails?


Does the art of mixology fascinate you?


If yes, it’s time to set up your own home bar - your freakishly well-designed entertainment area which will let you throw amazing Project X-style house parties. Right from creating the desired ambiance to stocking up on the spirits of your choice - having your own home bar can be an awesome way to keep your friends entertained at house parties and have a blast.


Wondering, how can you go about creating one?


Here are a few tips that can help you set up a well-stocked home bar.


1. Pick Spirits That You Enjoy

A home bar is not supposed to have one of everything. Your home bar’s main customer is you. Don’t you forget that!


It doesn’t matter how much that bottle of vodka may impress your friends. Impressing your friends - if that’s that your primary motive, it will put a huge dent in your wallet. Also, you will end up filling your bar with drinking stuff that will sit unused for a long time. What a waste!


 2. Don’t Go Overboard

Start small because liquor is crazily expensive.


Keep two factors in mind: your budget and your lifestyle. These should guide you when you’re purchasing alcohol for your home bar. Only then will you able to enjoy bartending. Instead of dropping a bomb of money into buying truckloads of spirits, how about spending money on those that you really like!


Expand your menu to include other cocktails as you get more comfortable with mixing drinks.


3. Stock up on Must-Haves

So you want to be thoughtful towards your friends? That is a goodie but it is absolutely insane to buy eight different bottles of vodka to do that. Your personal taste and needs are what matter the most when choosing the alcohol, the mixers, or the garnishes for your home bar. Here’s a list of what you should have:


> Pick up a bottle each of gin, vodka, bourbon, triple sec, vermouth, scotch, tequila, and rum. Having these major drinking bases would be great and if you want to save some cash, skip the premium brands and go for the second-string ones. Add beer to your collection (for shotgunning, of course). Also, don’t forget to have a couple of wine bottles. As Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones says, “Everything’s better with some wine in the belly.”

> When it comes to choosing mixers, plan what cocktails you want to make. Here are a few of the basics you would want to stock up on - club soda, tonic water, cola, sprite, ginger ale, orange juice, cranberry juice, 7-up, pineapple juice, tomato sauce and Angostura bitters.

 > Want to add some decorative panache to your drink? Go ahead and prepare a few garnishes. You can have cocktail olives and onions, horseradish, limes, lemons, coconut cream, cherries, strawberries, and tabasco sauce as garnishes.


> Glassware and booze accessories are, of course, important. But, avoid going overboard with them. A few must-haves are - a martini shaker, a bottle opener, a peeler, a jigger, a muddler, a cutting board, a juice squeezer, a corkscrew, a measuring spoon, martini glasses, beer glasses or mugs, and all-purpose wine glasses.

4. Other Essentials to Have on Hand


> Imagine the pride you’ll feel when your friends love the killer cocktails you make! Consider having a good mixologist recipe book. It can help you make some kick-ass cocktails. A few of the most fantastic reads for beginner bartenders are Jerry Thomas’ Jerry Thomas' Bartenders Guide, Harry Craddock’s The Savoy Cocktail Book, Amy Stewart’s The Drunken Botanist and Dale Degroff’s The Essential Cocktail: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks.


> There’s no need to have gallons of tonic water or dozens of lime wedges on hand all the time. Stock up your bar to fill your needs when you host a party.


> Your home bar doesn’t need a massive fridge like the one at your favorite bar. A smaller version will do just fine.


> If you want to give your home bar an edge, here are a few of the badass booze accessories you should have - beer bongs, engraved flasks, funnel mugs, bar shots, ice shot glasses, cools and kegerators.

 > A bar cart is one of the fanciest things to have in a home bar. It can make a cool area for mixing a drink. Moreover, your guests will enjoy walking up to the cart and making their own drink.



Spirits go in and out of trend. However, a well-stocked bar can never fail to be awesome. Creating a home bar can be a pain if you don’t get your act together. Keep your budget and needs in mind when creating one, lest it should cost you a fortune. The above-mentioned tips will help you set up a well-stocked home bar. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to throw a super cool soiree, one that your friends will never forget.

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