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Today we are going to review the Bam Launcher. This is the brand name for the 3 person water balloon slingshot that comes in ranges from 100 - 400 yards. The 100 yard launcher is the least expensive while the 400 yard is the most expensive. The prices range from  14.99 - 36.45 respectively.

the river to see how many unsuspecting sunbathers we could hit.


When we do reviews we actually use the product and put it through the ringers to give a fair and honest assessment

For this review we took all four Bam Launcher sizes to the park down the street from our headquarters. There were four of us in total. We needed three people to work the launcher and another person to tell us how bad we were at it. The park sits up against a river and across the river is a giant grass lawn that leads up to the local college. This particular day was sunny and nice and their were sun bathers scattered across the lawn. Obviously, we were going to launch water balloons across the river to see how many unsuspecting sunbathers we could hit.


The first thing you see when you get the Bam Launcher is the packaging. Each size has a different color package to differentiate it. The graphics are edgy and fun. The nylon handle sticks out of the top for convenience.

400 yard water balloon launcher

The nylon carrying case is nice, and a good bonus. Each package comes with a case, the launcher itself, and a package of balloons so you won't need anything more to get started. The different colors are on the launchers as well. The launchers are made out of heavy duty rubber tubing. They all feel strong and well made, which is good because you are pulling this thing back like a rubber band and the last thing you want is to think it is going to snap back and whip you in the face. Although the package clearly states you should not be holding it at eye level, nor should you be pulling it back to its breaking point. We pulled these things pretty good and didn't think we were anywhere near a breaking point.


The 100 yard launcher is the smallest and has tubing of the smallest diameter. The 400 yard launcher is much bigger and its tubing is much thicker then that of the 100 yard.


The tubing is high quality and the pouch where the balloons go is nylon and sewn in. All in all it feels like high quality and should last you a couple seasons of use.


We filled up about 50 water balloons of varying sizes. The bigger you fill the balloons the more unstable they become. We found out that the smaller lemon sized balloons worked the best.


We started with the 100 yard launcher. Our first couple of tries were pathetic. We didn't even get the balloons 100 feet let alone 100 yards. After a while we got the hang of it. The 100 yard was not enough to clear the river. As it turns out the river was about 140 yards from edge to edge. Also, it was fairly windy out so that probably affected the trajectory quite a bit.


It wasn't until we moved up to the 300 and 400 yard launchers that we were clearing the river with no problems. By the time we started to use the 400 yard we were old pros. We were getting it to go pretty far. the angle at which you launch the balloon has a lot to do with it. If you hit the wrong angle you are not going to get the kind of distance you desire. We figured out the sweet spot is a little less then a 45 degree angle.


We were not able to hit the sunbathers. They were just too far away and the wind was messing with our targeting. We were able to hit some rowers coming down the river with no problem. They were not happy.


All in all it was a good day. We would have continued playing but we ran out of balloons. We thought 50 would be enough but it wasn't. Some break, the get the angle wrong on others, and it just goes quickly.


We never got the 400 yard launcher to go 400 yards. Here is my thinking on that:
1. 400 yards is a vary far distance. Factors like wind and humidity are going to make it difficult for you to get that far.
2. Also, In order to reach maximum distance you would need to stretch the launcher as far as you possibly can. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that unless I had on some kind of protective head gear. These things are quality but I don't want to be the guy who loses an eye during a water balloon fight.
3. These things are made for fun. They go really far. Sure, you could make them go further if you were playing in a windless vacuum with a helmet on but who wants that?


We had a lot of fun and would recommend them to everyone.