We Salute Mr.Spock As He Leaves Our Universe


Star Trek fans around the globe have on heavy hearts today as they found out the beloved Mr. Spock passed away early this morning. Leonard Nimoy aka Mr. Spock took his last breath today after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Although Mr. Spock is gone, his memory as the pointy- eared Vulcan will live on forever. Even though Star Trek premièred over four decades ago; the trilogy lives on even today. A cult-like following ensued after the series ended. Aside from fans dressing up as “Trekkers” at conferences held around the world, an animated spun off show was also created based off of Star Trek to satisfy the cravings sci-fi fans had for the series . If that wasn’t enough for die hard Star Trek fans, a film franchise debuted eight different movies and in 2013, “Star Trek Into Darkness” was released featuring Mr. Spock himself.


Generations of people are well familiar with the Star Trek series and comic books. The series also had a cultural impact on society. Mr. Spock ended up being an inspiration for pop culture in various media. Nimoy recorded two different songs using his alter ego. One song he recorded called, “A Visit to a Sad Planet,” had a dark tone, in which Mr. Spock spoke about visiting planet Earth in the future and discovering that the planet was ruined due to war, violence and environmental irresponsibility. Besides Mr. Spock being excellent at foreshadowing, the late actor was also skilled in directing movies, writing novels, and poetry. The commanding officer achieved a great amount while on earth. We salute you Mr. Spock in all of your achievements; “Live long and prosper” commander.