For some time now people have speculated what DJ's really do for fun. Some people think all they do is sit in a recording studio and just make "tunes" for hours. Let’s dig deeper into the lives of these great DJ's and just try to understand their hobbies.


Steve Aoki:

Steve Aoki in a raft taking a selfie

There is nothing in life better than a peaceful day on the lake taking selfies.

Steve Aoki falling off a cliff

Sometimes you just gotta practice those stage dives and what better way to work on your aerial moves other than cliff diving.

Skrillex and Hardwell love Operation:

Skrillex and Hardwell understand the precise movements they must make while they DJ, what better way to hone those skills than with OPERATION!

Skrillex Playing Operation

Hardwell playing operation

Daft Punk also loves a good Operation:

These guys dont mess around they understand how important their moves are and use their robotic precision techniques saving lives.

Tiesto and Zedd love Chess:

When trying to make everyone in the club dance it takes a good strategy and understanding your enemy. They are no doubt able to make you dance with pure intellect.