Being in a photo shoot can be an exciting experience. They can open up many doors. For some people, it may be their first time posing in front of the camera and for others they might be experts at posing in front of the lens. Either way photo shoots create an opportunity for you to show yourself what you are made of. Participating in a photo shoots could make you realize you have a passion for modeling and it could end up being a hobby of yours. Plus getting free merchandise for being one of the models is always a bonus.


Bam Products™ will once again be conducting a photo shoot featuring Party With Sluts® We previously have done photo shoots at the beach and at pool parties, now we are taking on Downtown Tampa. The shoot will be held on April 19th and will be inspired by the Hangover movie! We are going all out for this rave theme, using a variety of props. Our talented photographer, Vanessa has been snapping pictures since 2009 and discovered it is a passion of hers. She also works at the Amphitheatre in her free time and takes pictures for them. Find and like her page on Facebook under Rudegirlphotos Below are just a couple of the amazing shots she has taken.

Why You Ahould Be Involved In a Photo Shoot - Girl Fight
Why You Ahould Be Involved In a Photo Shoot - Slut Kisses
Why You Ahould Be Involved In a Photo Shoot - Party Group
Why You Ahould Be Involved In a Photo Shoot - Graffiti Models

If you are interested in being a model for us, submit your information here Spots are filling up quickly, if you are a male and are interested, now is the chance to join. Show these ladies you can model too! Be on the lookout for some photos and videos coming up from the shoot in a few short weeks.