Wtf Happened During the Super Bowl


People tune into the Super Bowl for various reasons. Sometimes to watch the new commercials that will be premiering, or to watch the guest celebrity perform during the halftime show; this year the queen of pop, Katy Perry performed with a surprise appearance from Missy Eliot. I fall under this category since I am not a diehard football fan that watches the sport religiously. The Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots were the lucky teams to advance to the 2015 Super Bowl. Sport networks around the globe like to make teams out to be the hero and the villain. This year, the Seahawks were deemed the hero and the Patriots were seen as the villain after being accused of deflating footballs during their playoff game against the Colts.


Although I am from the North, I wanted the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Maybe its Tom Brady’s arrogant presence that makes me loath the Patriots as a whole or maybe it’s the fact that there are many other players on the team that do not get recognized like him that pisses me off. Even though I am not a fan of the Patriots I must admit that the Seahawks and the Patriots both put on a good game until the end.


When there was a little under two minutes left in the game, Seahawk’s Chris Matthews made an amazing catch that looked promising for the Seahawk’s to pull off a victory win. Just as the clock was ticking down and I was sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for a touchdown from the Seahawks, they decided to throw the ball instead of running it with less than five yards to go. The ball got intercepted by Malcom Butler, who ultimately won the game for the Patriots. What looked like a sure win for the Seahawks ended up being handed to the Patriots for the Super Bowl win.


Inevitably I was disappointed by the way the game ended. I don’t know much about football, but even I could figure out that the best move for the Seahawks would have been to run the ball. Maybe the saying is true that good guys finish last. The villain ended up winning. I can admit that the Patriots are a good team, but I cannot stand when fans bandwagon and come out of nowhere to say “Yay we won!” The reality check these people need is unbelievable. They are not part of the Patriots team , they are merely a fan in the stand that the Patriots don’t even know exists.