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Drinking Stuff

Drinking Products

What does it take to bring your party to an amazing tale of rage-ness that will be told repeatedly after? Our Drinking Stuff products are simple and straight to one idea: “Let’s drink!”. Whether it is Boob shaped ice luges, floating beer pong tables, or multiple-person beer bongs, they all promote fun and partying. Products that are simple, smart and sure to take your party to the next level of fun. Want to go to your favorite event but don’t want to pay the high price of the alcohol there? We have got you covered in our flasks section. Start out small at a couple ounces with disposable pocket flasks, or you can get really creative and smuggle in enough booze for a party with our BeerBelly that holds 80oz! Or get really smart and stop the endless buying of 12 packs of beer and get yourself a Keg-O-Rator for always cold beer in one huge quantity.


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Latest reviews for Drinking Stuff


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Total Reviews:13

Shamrock Ice Luge Mold


Fell apart first time we filled it with water.

20 pack of Neon Reusable Jager Bomb Cups

Great For Purpose But Break Easily

I love these at our bar but they get broken quite frequently. If careful should last a while though.

Coors Light Beer Box Stetson Style Hat

Fast Shipping Nice Christmas Gift.

Good product nicer than I was expecting. Ships fast. Size runs a little smaller than I would have hoped but overall quality product.

20 pack of Neon Reusable Jager Bomb Cups


Very Pleased

Flowzer Shotgun Koozie

Good Idea

It was a good idea.I've used 2 different ones and my bf used one and they all made a huge mess. The beer comes out of the hole where the plastic peice is.

Cornhole Wood Pro Set


Really strong product. Built solid and worth the money. Ordering another for the football games.

Shotgun Beer Can Bottle Opener

Cool Beans

I carry this around on my key chain and show the boys how to slam a beer :)

Camouflage Beer Can Wraps

Open Container Laws Be Damned!


PBR Beer Box Stetson Style Hat

Nice Hat

I could not think of a better afterlife for a beer box. its sturdy and sexy looking.

AlcoHAWK Slim Breathalyzer

Alright. Real Talk For A Second Here.

We were at the pub down the street from my dorm. Close, but not close enough to really walk there. We drove and we all started drinking before we settled who was DD. After a few rounds we looked at eachother and went you know oh shit whos driving. We passed this little bitch around and we were golden because one of my boys was .07 TL;DR - This thing saved us from worrying about our driver getting a DUI

Party With Sluts Flask

A Flask With My Motto

Throw some green label in that shit. walk in the party like what, oh, you want a shot and you want a shot everybody gets shots. Like fuckin Oprah. Sluts love Oprah.

Breathalyzer Keychain

Really Small But Works Pretty Well

This is great for if you just had a couple of drinks and you want to be confident that you aren't over the limit. If fits on your key chain and is not very big.

Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table

Pool Party Madness!

I ordered this for my forth of July pool party, everyone loved it. We were all boozing in the pool. No mess and easy to clean. I plan on using it again for Labor Day weekend party.