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As fun as it seems to make your friends do an impromptu sobriety test in the middle of a bar. Getting home safe is no joke! Why not make sure with accuracy if you or your friend can drive after a night at the bar with our Digital Breathalyzers. Unless you’re like us and like to party in the sanctity of home and not having to drive anywhere, we like to use our Home Breathalyzer as a game of competition to see who can blow the highest number! For safety or fun there’s always a right time to bust out a Portable Breathalyzer at home or in the bar. There’s no better way to drink responsibly!


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AlcoHAWK Slim Breathalyzer

Alright. Real Talk For A Second Here.

We were at the pub down the street from my dorm. Close, but not close enough to really walk there. We drove and we all started drinking before we settled who was DD. After a few rounds we looked at eachother and went you know oh shit whos driving. We passed this little bitch around and we were golden because one of my boys was .07 TL;DR - This thing saved us from worrying about our driver getting a DUI

Breathalyzer Keychain

Really Small But Works Pretty Well

This is great for if you just had a couple of drinks and you want to be confident that you aren't over the limit. If fits on your key chain and is not very big.