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In the market for some fun Frat Games to get this drinking party started? Or maybe just some fun Toys & Games to play once everyone is already partying? Then we have 100’s of products aimed at just this! Check out our drinking board or card games to start the night off right. Then grab your floating beer pong table and get in the pool. Then later, possibly cause some ruckus with our 3-person water balloon launcher.

Our Fraternity Gear are sure to step up the party: ever play Battleship? Try our BattleShots Game! What about beerpong? Try our Yard size Beer Pong set! Stripping Games, Golfing Games, power-hour musical games, all our Frat Gear can entertain your guests for hours. Also, while here be certain to check out our other Frat Stuff for Cooler-Scooters: electric powered carts that are half beer-cooler / half-cyborg that are here from the future to create a buzz at any party.


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  1. Drunken Card Game

    Drunken Card Game


    #1 Drinking Card Game Drunken Cards is a new and exciting drinking card game similar to Kings Cup and Ring of Fire. Finally, we took this classic game into the 21st century and added more cards, new rules, and that means a whole lot of drunken fun for you and your friends. Drunken Cards has all the rules right on the cards, so there is no need to argue over what you have to do. Oh and don’t worry, the cards are water resistant, so if spillage occurs, just wipe it off with a paper towel… Heck use the cards as a coaster, we insist it. Your parties deserve the #1 Drinking Card Game, so order Drunken Cards today. RULES: 1) Pour your favorite drink. 2) Spread the cards face down on the table. 3) Each player goes in a circle picking up one card at a time. 4) Do what the cards say and more importantly... DRINK* Learn More
  2. 25 Pack Frattoys Party Jello Shot Syringes (1.5 Ounce)

    25 Pack Frattoys Party Jello Shot Syringes (1.5 Ounce)


    EASY TO USE: Use your favorite Jell-o Shot reciepe, make per instructions and dip the syringe into the mixture, pull the plunger and let it set for a few hours upright. Just use the plunger to squeeze the mixture into your mouth or someone elses! This is great fun for other ingredients as well, not just jello but pudding or any liquid at all. Easy to store, transport, and use with out the mess! No Mess with our items! You can fill the Jello syringes, then cap them off so no Jello comes out. Awesome novelty item for bars, nightclubs, home parties and all holiday events like Halloween and New Years Eve. They are easy to prep, store and transport. Get everyone talking with these fun Jello Syringes! Use and Recycle! These jello shots are washable and dishwasher safe making them great for another party or event in the future! Made of high quality FDA approved plastic Learn More
  3. Alligator Inflatable Tube

    Alligator Inflatable Tube


    The Giant Floating Alligator was inspired by the traditional inflatable alligators from our childhoods, but we wanted to make them adult size. The result is a 11 foot + monster that can be used by adults and kids alike. The BigAl' raft is guaranteed to turn heads and be the life of the party. The raft is made from premium raft-grade material that is built to last and 25%+ thicker than other giant inflatable makers. The gator also has grommets on the sides so you can tether BigAl' to other rafts or to a fixed point. The raft can be inflated using our premium quick-inflate valve by pump (2 minutes - highly recommended) or by mouth (20 minutes). Most other giant rafts only include the traditional style inflation valve which takes 20 minutes even if you have a pump. Our deflation time is also only 2 minutes versus 20 minutes for other similar sized inflatables. Learn More
  4. Painted Cornhole Set

    Painted Cornhole Set


    All products are made with high quality wood frame and sanded plywood.

    Each board is the standard size 2x4 with folding legs underneath for easy storage.

    The set comes complete with 8 bags and you may choose any 2 colors you would like to have. A great game for large parties or events! Learn More

  5. I Love Pong Floating Beer Pong Table

    I Love Pong Floating Beer Pong Table


    The floating I LOVE PONG beer pong table is completely made of foam and allows the ping pong balls to bounce unlike others inflatable pong tables. No spilling or foul play in this game. The cups are secured in the holes so they touch at the rims and high quality durable foam keeps your party going. Party in the water with friends and family anytime of the year!

    Learn More
  6. Beeriodic Floating Beer Pong Table

    Beeriodic Floating Beer Pong Table


    The floating BEERIODIC beer pong table are completely made of foam and will never leak or sink. The pong foam table is very durable and will stand against any wave. Unlike the inflatable beer pong tables, you can bounce ping pong balls on the table surface! The high quality foam allows for competitive play and fun on the water.

    Learn More
  7. Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table

    Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table


    The Floating TIKI beer pong table are completely made of foam and will never leak or sink. They are very durable and will stand against any wave.

    Learn More
  8. Inflatable Beer Pong Table

    Inflatable Beer Pong Table


    Port-O-Pong is the only portable inflatable beer pong table on the internet. The only one you can take on a plane, in a lake or just about anywhere. Just picture yourself playing beer pong anywhere, at anytime, on anything. Well, look no further, portopong is here.
    Now you can play beer pong ANYWHERE. The ocean, the pool, your dorm room....ANYWHERE.

    Learn More
  9. LED Balloons

    LED Balloons


    TURNS ON AND OFF These ballons come with a small push button allowing you to turn the ballon on and off. This lets you use them anytime you want and makes it so they can be used on multiples occasions. THE LED LIGHT CHANGES COLOR The Balloons are white, but the light inside changes color making the balloons into a rainbow of fun. Also if you wish, the balloon can be switched out for any other balloon of your choosing. ONE WAY AIR FLOW, NO NEED TO TIE! You blow into the end to inflate like other balloons, but the special device doesn't let the air come back out. Saving you the hassle of tying each balloon. THE LIGHT IS REUSABLE The batteries can be easily replaced and you can use these lights for any number of parties and gatherings. 5 PER PACK and We include a handy string with out balloons. This way it makes them easier to tie off or hold. Learn More
  10. Drunko Drinking Game

    Drunko Drinking Game


    Gather your friends and get ready to have fun Adult twist on a familiar color and number matching card game DARE action cards make your friends choose between finishing their drinks or executing hilarious dares Lip sync a song! Talk dirty to an opponent! Run around half-naked! Includes one (1) deck with 58 cards (2.5in x 3.5in) - DARE action cards, game rules and playing cards Learn More


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