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Water Balloon Launchers offers the best products in outdoor fun and entertainment. We certainly didn’t miss the boat this time. Our Water Balloon Launcher product line is the crown jewel of the site! With over 500,000 Water Launchers sold in the last 10 years, we are the most trusted name in the business. And we guarantee you will have fun with one of our water balloon or T Shirt Launchers.

Designed to be used with 3 people, our product can sling balloons up to 400 yards away. 400 yards away! For those non-football fans, that is nearly four football fields long! Our high quality launchers are designed to last forever. Constructed of high quality natural latex surgical tubing designed, our launchers are so durable you can actually pull a car with it (but please don’t try it)


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Latest reviews for Water Balloon & T Shirt Launchers


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Water Balloons 500 Pack

Typical Water Balloons

You can buy these for less expensive at Wal-Mart.

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

No Box Is Included

I bought this item as a gift. It didn't come with a box.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher


I ordered 2 for an upcoming event. WOW! Great quality for the price

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

I Would Recommend This Website And Product To Friends.

I was happy to have my product ship so quickly. BUT! there was not enough POSTAGE put on the package and I therefor had to find time to go to my post office and pay an additional $2 and change. This was inconvenient! I'm still satisfied.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher


Wow really great just too much fun

100 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Excellent Product!!

This launcher is an excellent product at a very affordable price. We will use it to launch T-Shirts into the crowd at our events. It is a great addition to the fan experience at the University of New Brunswick (Canada) Varsity Reds games.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher



400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Was A Hit!

The visitors and staff enjoyed launching the apples at the targets we set up, You could really send'em sailing. We plan on using it at other events, maybe even adding more next year

Water Balloons 5000 Pack

I Like Getting A Large Quantity Of Water Balloons From One Supplier.

I was disappointed that the 5,000 water balloons came in packages of 100 each. I I assumed a a 5,000 pack would be in one bag not 50.

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Love The Products!

A ton of fun!

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Bachelor Party Fun

Bought two of these to use for a Bachelor party; mostly just used one. Overall, worked decent, but doesn't reach 400 yards. After about 60 balloons the stitching on the balloon cradle began separating slightly. However, still didn't break completely after twice that amount of use. Very fun and will probably last for awhile longer. In summary, it was worth buying.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Lots Of Fun!!! Love Doing Business With Frattoys!

Another great product from! I love this launcher and the entertainment and elent of surprise when I show it to others. I have recommended you guys to everyone!

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Great Product! I Would Definitely Recommend It For Some Water Balloon Hijinx.

I really purchased this to launch t-shirts from on stage into our crowd at the music venue i work for. It took some practice to get them to not fly completely over the crowd, but we got it down now. It looks pretty amazing on stage because of the three people needed to make it function creates quite a sight. We also tested it with water balloons over the weekend and that was a lot of fun. Long range water-ballooning might be my new hobby.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Amazeballs! Unreal!

Call my mom! This thing is all that and a bag of potato chips! I was able to shoot down my cousin while he was para sailing from the beach. A few balloons actually hit his testicles. It was all in good fun. I highly recommend this launcher. Don't be fooled by inferior crap you can get for less money. You think this is a f&%ing game?

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Good Wholesome Fun

I opted for the more expensive one but I don't regret it. I have used it several times now and the kids get a real kick out of it. Last month we rented a cabin in Georgia. We were able to launch balloons from our porch looking over a mountain side. Forget about 400 yards these babies went a mile.

100 Yard T-shirt Launcher Kit

Go With The Bigger One

Just my opinion. Go big or go home.

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Great For BBQ's

This is the second balloon sling shot that I have purchased in my lifetime. I can't remember where I got the first one from. It doesn't matter much because it was poor quality and did not last long. I found that this one, the Bam Launcher, was much better quality. The customer service from the people behind Frat toys was very helpful as well. I wanted to make sure I received this on time so I called up the number. The girl who answered said she would make sure I got it before I left for my trip, and sure enough it did.

200 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Really Goes 200 Yards!

My sons recently came home from a birthday party and they couldn't stop talking about this amazing water balloon launcher that their friend had. They talked about it for days so I finally looked into what it was and surprised them with it for their last day of school. They were so excited to have one of their own! It really does launch at least 200 yards and they are outside everyday with this thing. They never get tired of it and it keeps them busy..

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

My Kids Love It

My teen boys love playing with their water balloon launcher in the backyard, they have water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids. It launches pretty far out there....400 yards is just the right touch! Adult supervision is recommended. I also use it launch tshirts for my annual rally picnics. Great Product

100 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Great Fun For My Kids

I am going to be honest, I probably had more fun with this then my kids did. They had fun too.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

So Much Fun

I can literally launch balloons over my apartment complex and into the pool of the complex across the street. This is a lot fun because no one knows where they are coming from. I recommend this to everyone.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

Nice Upgrade

I bought the 100 yard last year and this year I decided to up the ante and get the 400 yard. There really is a difference. I recommend you go right for the good stuff and get the 400 right off the bat.

100 Yard Water Balloon Launcher


You know what you are getting with this, a balloon launcher that can launch balloons 100 yards away. If you can't think of something fun to do with this then I can't help you.

300 Yard Water Balloon Launcher


I am a second grade teacher and used this to teach my students about gravity.

400 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

A Lot Of Fun

This thing is a lot of fun. We used it to launch apples and they went a mile for sure.

100 Yard Water Balloon Launcher

This Thing Is Amazing

I took this to the cabin we rent every year and launched balloons across the lake. The kids loved it and so did all of the adults.