Glow Toys

Glow Toys

Rave sticks and Glow Toys are always a fun accessory to any party. Accent any party with Rave glow sticks, I like to break them and pour them in the upper part of the toilet, looks awesome at black light parties. We even have some fun Rave Toys to wear or leave around the house to light up the night.

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  1. Green LED Devil Horns

    Green LED Devil Horns


    Green LED Devil Horns are great for costume parties and excellent at Halloween.

    Our Green LED Devil Horns headbands come with 3 AG-13 batteries which are included and installed.

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  2. Rhythm Vizion Sunglasses

    Rhythm Vizion Sunglasses


    Now you and your glasses can groove to the music! Switch for it to blink either to bass or treble! These sunglasses are amazing.

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  3. LED Sunglasses Full Wrap

    LED Sunglasses Full Wrap


    Stand out of the darkness with these amazing LED Light up Sunglasses! With a full Neon wrap in 9 different colors there’s no other pair that’s a better fit. Toggle the hidden On/Off switch and let the party begin. Great for a night out anywhere, you’re sure to turn heads with our LED Full Wrap Sunglasses.

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  4. GloFX 4-LED Orbital

    GloFX 4-LED Orbital

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    Special Price: $15.00

    High Quality photon style micro lights with nylon string and stainless steel finger rings will last a long time. Amazing colors and perfectly balanced for breathtaking tricks.

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  5. 6 Color LED Glove Set

    6 Color LED Glove Set


    Ready to use LED gloves with ultra durable microlights! Optimized color patters so you can be seen from near and far.

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  6. LED Poi Balls

    LED Poi Balls


    Super Bright LED Poi Balls that emits light in a rainbow strobe: Blue, Red, Green. These are made out of a soft PVC plastic so they are nearly unbreakable and very safe on contact. Each poi ball takes 3 AG13 batteries and are easily replaced. Two finger grips for each ball promotes easy handling. A great gift for all poi users whether beginners or advanced! Learn More
  7. LED Flying Disc

    LED Flying Disc


    The flying LED disc has 4 LEDs to make sure you can see the disc during dusk hours unlike others. Each disc includes 2 CR 2032 (3 Volt) batteries that will power the disc for up to 12 hours of continuous use. The batteries are very easy to replace as well. The disc is a standard size of 10.5 inches and weights 175 grams and flies like any normal disc. This disc is water resistant but we do not recommend prolonged water exposure. Learn More

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