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Party Apparel

Like you, at Frattoys, we take partying seriously. That is why we have all the party apparel you will ever need. We have all the essential shirts, tanks, and hats. We also have accessories like bracelets, sunglasses, and fanny packs. We design all our own clothing, so each item is unique to our site alone. Our flagship item “Party with Sluts” has taken the country by storm and has made its way into mainstream retail shops nation-wide. If you are looking for funny t-shirts, shirts with popular culture references, or maybe a slightly offensive shirt sure to strike up a conversation at every social gathering, we will be sure to have it. Our party apparel will be sure to point out who are the leaders of partying at any event and who are the followers.


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Total Reviews:44

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet Light

For The Price,the Materials Used In The Wallet Could Have Been Better

The craftsmanship was just fine,embriodery great,the "leather" left a lot to be my opinion it was a $5 wallet that will maybe last a few months but I paid close to $30 when all was said and's funny,and cool but I wish it was of better quality

Retro 90s Sunglasses

Good Find

Girl friend broke her ridiculous looking glasses she look online everywhere. I finally found them and looked like the man.

Party Fanny Pack

Loved Them

Took these to NOLA for mardi gras and they were perfect.

Sex Panther Cologne

Good Stuff

Good stuff, but it was like a week late.

Coors Light Beer Box Stetson Style Hat

Fast Shipping Nice Christmas Gift.

Good product nicer than I was expecting. Ships fast. Size runs a little smaller than I would have hoped but overall quality product.

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet


Good quality, real leather and soft.

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Good Prices, Fast Delivery.

The summary says it all. Great selection of products, really good prices, and fast delivery. I had what I wanted in less than a week. Good work.

Sex Panther Cologne

Excellent Service

I was extremely happy with the product I received. The process of attaining it was easy and delivery was prompt. Thank you for your brilliant services, I will use them again, and will recommend your business to others.

Black Embossed Bad Mother Fucker Wallet


Wallet is ok but, real only draw back is there's not enough space. Aka fills up fast and then you don't have a wallet that stays shut or can hold much money and cards.

Retro Neon Wallets

Nice Wallet

The colors are pretty. It Is small and compact. Fits nicely in my pocket

Womens Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Very Good Quality Product And Very Fast Delivery.

Very good experience with this site. From order to delivery everything was very smooth. Item arrived well packaged, ahead of expected delivery time and was exactly how it was presented on the site-very good quality. Very happy overall and would use this site again.

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Very Satisfied With The Wallet.

We had ordered this same wallet from another company and was very disappointed with the quality.

LED Sunglasses Full Wrap

Attention Grabber

I wore these out to a bar one night with my friends. People were flipping out. I had multiple people stop me to take a picture. The pictures here don't do them justice. They are extremely bright and neon. A little on the pricey side for my budge but yolo right.

Party With Sluts® Hat

Da Bomb!

This hat is awesome for partying and drinking late nights during wild adventures!

Slut Booty Shorts

That's My Ass!!

Thank you PWS for the great modeling experience! I sport all the clothes especially my neon slut booty shorts!

Party With Sluts® Tank

EDM Sluts

Molly parties with sluts everywhere!

Party Fanny Pack

Great For The Beach

The only thing I can say is I wish they would stop calling them fanny packs. It just sounds so stupid.

Party With Sluts® Shirt

This Is The Most Tasteless Trash I Have Ever Seen.

I can not believe that this filth is being sold to our children.

Party With Lesbians Tshirt

Lesbians Rule

I like to Party and I like my Lesbians to party too.

Flip Up Wayfarers Sunglasses

A Hit At Parties

The ultimate throw back glasses. Like Duane Wayne from that show in the 80's.

Shotgun Beer Can Bottle Opener

Cool Beans

I carry this around on my key chain and show the boys how to slam a beer :)

Party With Sluts® Shirt

Bitches Love Me

Everywhere I go, bitches wanna hang and try me with this shirt. Can't get enough partying with sluts every weekend!

Party With Sluts® Tank

Great For Cutting Up!

Just received this in the mail the other day, super fast shipping with priority. I cut the sleeves and added fringes at the bottom to go out this weekend. Can't wait for everyone to see my creation, I love parting with sluts!

Party Fanny Pack

Best Fanny Ever!

I love my new neon fanny pack! I take it all clubs and festivals to put my cash and other valuables. It fits me perfect when I dance around, all my friends got them in different colors so now we party all night long

PBR Beer Box Stetson Style Hat

Nice Hat

I could not think of a better afterlife for a beer box. its sturdy and sexy looking.

Shutter Shades

My Lord Yeezus Would Be Pleased.

Ball in the club like yeezy's 5 disciples. Straight on sight. HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANTS.

8 Bit Sunglasses

8 Bit Party Flare

Dope Shades. Handed these out to my friends at a party. Quickly became alpha group. Females could not resist.

Party With Sluts® Flask

A Flask With My Motto

Throw some green label in that shit. walk in the party like what, oh, you want a shot and you want a shot everybody gets shots. Like fuckin Oprah. Sluts love Oprah.

Fuck Off T Shirt

This Shirt Is My Liffffffe

For when you just want the world to stop bitching at you ^^,

Hot Mess Trucker Hat


I went looking for this hat after seeing it at a party on campus. got a few for my buds too. pretty good quality the night I got it I spilled some coors on it and it didn't wrikle or tear.

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Good Quality

Its always cool when you pull your wallet out and the cashier gives you a knowing look because your wallet is the one that says "Bad Mother Fucker".

Party Fanny Pack

Super Cool

I have owned one for a couple of years and I used it for concerts and the beach and stuff. You can put your cell phone, wallet, and money it it. I lost it when I moved last month. I just got the orange one and I am going to take it to the Calvin Harris concert next week.

Breathalyzer Keychain

Really Small But Works Pretty Well

This is great for if you just had a couple of drinks and you want to be confident that you aren't over the limit. If fits on your key chain and is not very big.

Sex Panther Cologne

Really Smells Good

I bought this as a joke but as it turns out it smells really good. I was wearing it to my friends birthday party and a bunch of girls who came up to me said I smell great.

Party Trucker Hat

A Hat That Says It All

They way I see it no one knows you are ready to Party until your hats says it.

Slut Trucker Hat

Cheers To Sluts

Love getting down with my neon slut hat at the club! Great gift for friends and always a good time when I wear this hat!

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet Light

Good Gift Item

What can you say about the BMF wallet! My daughter bought this for her boyfriend and he loved it! Great show and tell item!

Party With Sluts® Sunglasses

Awesome Sunglasses

Just got these in the mail today, super fast shipping with priority mail. I am gonna wear them this weekend, I'll be partying with sluts all night!

Party With Sluts® Shirt

Perfect For Parties, Great Slogan

As soon as I saw this shirt on my friend, I had to buy one! It's perfect for neon parties and edm festivals. Its goes hand in hand with my party lifestyle.

Giant Foam Cowboy Hat

Classic Fun

The name says it all. It is one Giant Foam Cowboy Hat!!

Hang Time T Shirt

How Funny Is This Shirt?

Pretty f-ing funny.

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet

Great Gift For Any Pulp Fiction Fan!

I ordered this wallet for my boyfriend. it was a last minute gift and the girl I called to figure out what shipping method to do was so helpful! It got to me on time and he freakin loved it! I win :)

Bass Booty Shorts

Super Soft

Really nice, high quality, and super soft.

Party Fanny Pack

Neon Is Hot

I love my new party pack. My friends kind of made fun of me when I told them I was getting one. Now they all want one.