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Party Sunglasses

At Frattoys we offer Novelty Sunglasses for every occasion. We have the kind you can wear to the beach and the kind you can wear to a party. Frattoys has got the latest fun, neon, and expressive Party Sunglasses out there. Make sure to order your Novelty Party Glasses today!


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Retro 90s Sunglasses

Good Find

Girl friend broke her ridiculous looking glasses she look online everywhere. I finally found them and looked like the man.

LED Sunglasses Full Wrap

Attention Grabber

I wore these out to a bar one night with my friends. People were flipping out. I had multiple people stop me to take a picture. The pictures here don't do them justice. They are extremely bright and neon. A little on the pricey side for my budge but yolo right.

Flip Up Wayfarers Sunglasses

A Hit At Parties

The ultimate throw back glasses. Like Duane Wayne from that show in the 80's.

Shutter Shades

My Lord Yeezus Would Be Pleased.

Ball in the club like yeezy's 5 disciples. Straight on sight. HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANTS.

8 Bit Sunglasses

8 Bit Party Flare

Dope Shades. Handed these out to my friends at a party. Quickly became alpha group. Females could not resist.

Party With Sluts® Sunglasses

Awesome Sunglasses

Just got these in the mail today, super fast shipping with priority mail. I am gonna wear them this weekend, I'll be partying with sluts all night!