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Too tired to browse the whole site? I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to but if you are we understand. That’s why we made this page of our most popular selling novelty gifts. All our offensive apparel and novelty gag gifts on one page. We understand the hassle of having to come up with new fun ideas while hung-over after a long night of drinking. Let Frattoys do most of the work for you so all you have to do is click yes.

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  1. BattleShots Drinking Game

    BattleShots Drinking Game

    Regular Price: $34.99

    Special Price: $29.95

    Battle Shots is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. Battle Shots is not advocating the abuse of alcoholic beverages and if you drink alcohol with this product, do so with moderation and caution.

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  2. LED Poi Balls

    LED Poi Balls


    Super Bright LED Poi Balls that emits light in a rainbow strobe: Blue, Red, Green. These are made out of a soft PVC plastic so they are nearly unbreakable and very safe on contact. Each poi ball takes 3 AG13 batteries and are easily replaced. Two finger grips for each ball promotes easy handling. A great gift for all poi users whether beginners or advanced! Learn More
  3. Disc Game

    Disc Game


    Disc Slam is fun disc throwing game that involves skill, accuracy and a pinch of beginner's luck. Learn More
  4. Floating Duck Drink Rafts

    Floating Duck Drink Rafts


    Why not have little duckie carry your drinks around the water? It's better than real ducks, at least these guys can float over with your favorite booze in their feathers. Learn More
  5. Sunscreen Flask

    Sunscreen Flask


    Smuggle your booze with this camouflage sunscreen bottle anywhere! Learn More
  6. Bass Fanny Pack in Bright Neon Colors

    Bass Fanny Pack in Bright Neon Colors


    Drop the BASS not your stuff! BLACK with NEON YELLOW text, only available for a limited time.

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  7. Glow In the Dark Toilet Seat - Blue Elongated

    Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats


    Neon Glow in the Dark Toilet Seats are integrally molded and withstands household cleaners. Light up your bathroom at night instead turning on that bright florescent light. Great for the home, hotels, assisted living homes and any dark bathroom. Available in blue or green with the option of a round seat or elongated seat. The seats will charge up with any light source (sunlight, light bulb, florescent, black light) and will continues to glow for up to 8+ hours. Learn More
  8. Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table

    Tiki Floating Beer Pong Table


    The Floating TIKI beer pong table are completely made of foam and will never leak or sink. They are very durable and will stand against any wave.

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  9. The Dick Towel

    The Dick Towel

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price: $22.99

    The hilarious product created by the gang from Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    The Dick Towel is One Size Only, but has the Small and Large Version on each towel.

    If you caught this season's episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia then you are already familiar with the Dick Towel that was invented by Mac and Dennis. You can get yours at Paddy's Pub in Philadelphia or right here on Frat Toys. This clever little item is already an internet sensation. In a little over a month of it being available for purchase 1000s have been ordered and delivered.

    Guaranteed to get laughs and plenty of attention. Go Dick Towel!!

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  10. Domo Toaster

    Domo Toaster


    Eat your breakfast in Japanese Style. This monster toast will have everyone talking at the table. Never eat boring toast again with the Pangea Brand's Domo Toaster! Learn More

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